8 Steps How to Enjoy Loneliness

Lonely? Are you depressed because you’re all alone? Are you friendless and hated, or are you weird and avoided, or are you just all alone? Well, nobody should be put into this kind of pain. Here are some ways to take positive steps in your life. 

Create a friend. Whether he’s a doll you made, a pet rock, an imaginary friend, or a bug, just befriend something. Look for something outside yourself.
Read books. How can you feel alone when you’re reading about a ship sailing the salty ocean with a large crew, or when fighting an ugly troll atop Mt. Carnivorous?
Write. Whether you write short stories or novels, nonfiction or fiction, writing is a great way to talk to yourself and to amuse yourself for many hours. It’s also a way to think about your life and what you’d like to do to change it. 
Keep busy. Draw, write stories, play video games, watch people or watch TV, whatever you fancy most, just keep yourself busy.
Get a pet. If you’re allergic to dogs or cats, try getting a fish or a turtle. Taking care of another living being helps you realize there is more out there than your own worries. 
Take in some nature. Lonely doesn’t have to be indoors. A beach or trail can be wonderfully refreshing, and can remind you there are many things in the world to take joy in.
Introspect. At least sometimes, take advantage of being alone to meditate or simply to listen to yourself. Find what’s the best part of yourself, and nourish it.
Be yourself among others. Find places to work with other people, such as volunteering. No matter who you are, you can find someone or someplace that needs your help. Share what you have, whether time, a ride, a thoughtful ear for listening, your feet or eyesight. Helping others means you accept yourself, and they are grateful for your efforts.
  • There is nothing wrong with being yourself. Sometimes not being lonely just means finding people who are open minded enough to accept you as you are.
  • When you are alone, it means nobody is telling you what to do. Enjoy the independence and the opportunity to do your own thing. 



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