What 16 Movies Can Teach Us About Life and Leadership

Movies can be an amazing source of insight and inspiration.  They fill our  hearts and heads with heroes, stories, songs, and scenes we can draw from.

Maybe you think of the theme song to Rocky when you work out.  Maybe you think of “waxing the car” or “painting the fence” while you master your craft.  What’s important is that you choose the stories, scenes or heroes that  serve you.
Here is a sampling of 16 movies and what they can teach us about life and leadership:
  1. 300 – Play to your strengths.
  2. The Bad News Bears – The right coach can turnaround any team, from worst, to first.  It’s about the journey and the destination.
  3. Kung Fu Panda – The right team can kick arse.  You’re the sum of your network (remember the Furious Five.)
  4. Peaceful Warrior – Make every move about the move.  A warrior acts, only a fool reacts.  Don’t become a victim of your own limiting beliefs.  The people that are the hardest to love, probably need it the most.  Want more? … check out Lessons Learned from Peaceful Warrior.
  5. Surf’s Up – Find a way, because that’s what winners do.  When there’s no wave to ride, make one.
  6. The 13th Warrior – Your competition always has a weakness.
  7. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Win the heart, the mind follows.  Find the best in everyone.
  8. Star Wars – Keep your ego in check (and carry a big light saber.)  Your intuition can serve you well if you master it.
  9. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Make every project an adventure.
  10. The Lord of the Rings – The best heroes can come from the strangest places (who would have thought to check the shire?)
  11. Rear Window – Use your emotions and intuition as input.  Check your facts.
  12. The Wizard of Oz – You had it in you all along.  You just needed somebody else to bring it out.
  13. Slumdog Millionaire – Smart and gets results can change your lot in life.
  14. Bonnie and Clyde – Passion + smarts makes for a great team.
  15. Rocky – You gotta have heart.  Sometimes it’s about going the distance.
  16. It’s a Wonderful Life – Know your value and what you bring to the table.
What movies do you draw from?

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