Miley Cyrus Anorexic Pictures

On Monday, pop star Miley Cyrus took to Twitter, refuting claims that her recent weight loss was caused by anorexia but by her new gluten-free diet.
“For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health,” she tweeted.
Now that gluten has been re-branded as “crapppp,” the gears of popular culture are turning and the processed-wheat intolerant are becoming the envy of those with boring, regularly functioning intestinal tracts. Cyrus has been inducted into the not-so-gluttonous ranks of the veggie, meat and yogurt fundamentalists.

Here is a list of five other famous people who hold these ranks, fighting against the digestive tyranny of processed wheat.
1. Chelsea Clinton: If this former first-daughter was ever caught in the act of defying her dietary duties, she’d have a great line for reporters: “I did not have culinary relations with that Wheat Thin.”
2. Keith Olbermann: For any of you who still feel sorry for Olbermann after he was fired from his show on Current TV last week, just remember that he’s developed a thick skin for rejection over the years, after all the bagels that have turned him down.
3. Susie Essman: Playing the angry wife of Larry David’s best friend Jeff on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Essman’s TV persona may be bigoted toward other people, but in real-life she’s just intolerant toward one specific food group.
4. Zooey Deschanel: Is she actually gluten-intolerant, or is celiac disease the new vintage? You decide.
5. Novak Djokovic: When served processed wheat, this world-class tennis player will return it more quickly than an inbound tennis ball.

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